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Dogs are awesome.



Welcome to K9 Attire. We're thrilled that you've decided to look around our store!

We are confident that you will find that all of our products are worthy of their 5-star reviews. We believe in providing only the best there is to our customers (and their four-legged buddies).

The founding of K9 Attire was born out of a lifelong appreciation of dogs - the most loyal and loving creatures ever to exist! 

A true dog person wants only the best for his animal companions. That is why we have decided to launch our first product line - "Winter Dogs" this autumn, in preparation for the coming winter and the cold weather. Allow us to help you keep your best friend warm, comfortable, and happy (and stylish!) this upcoming winter! We're even giving away FREE sweaters for all the small dogs who really need them.


Our products solve real problems that dogs and dog owners often have to deal with:

  • Durable, pro-grade leashes and collars that don't chafe and don't break.
  • Waterproof jackets that will insulate your dog from the rain and snow.
  • Dog sweaters and padded coats that will keep your pet warm in the cold.

Our goal is to make life easier for you and your dog.
In the future we will be releasing new product lines, including "Summer Dogs", dog and dog owner accessories, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of discounts and special offers when they appear! ;) 


Thank you again for stopping by!

May you become the person that your dog already thinks you are! <3

~K9 Attire team

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